Introduction of the SenLub Series

     YinCheung has developed over 40 years, the lastest SenClean clean series has great effect to  non-emulsify, separate oil and water, and decompose to multi-layers. We subvert the traditional cleaning detergents, like Benzenes, Ethers, Alcohols, Dichloromethane, Kerosene…etc. SenClean Series are eco-friendly aqueous detergents without flammability and toxicity, highly decrease the environmental impact of the processes and products of customers.

    YenLub series has strong capacity of wiping oil from the metal parts, and easily separate the oil or grease from drain sewage, keeping emission water clear and clean. They greatly decrease the times and amount of detergent changing, the batch time of equipment stopping to change detergents, the total amount of waste water, and the total expend of materials and working hours.

​    SenLub series make the metal parts not easy to rust, color changed, and keep the original status of parts’ surfaces, could apply on Magnesium, Aluminums, Irons, S. Steel, Coppes…etc., and their alloys.

    Face the high competition age, YinCheung serve costomers with profession and sincere, solve the cleaning problem that cannot be solved by the agent of international brands, and match the increasing standards of Taiwan enviromental protection.

    1. Industrial Aqueous Degreaser

    2. Equipment Maintenance Cleaner

    3. Industrial Anti-rust Agent

    4. Industrial Special Surfactant

    5. Commercial and Household Detergent

    6. Others





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